Project Description Status & My Role

The "Big One"

Our team consisting of 5 people at the time was assigned to make a board game that we would like to play. We spent some money, crafted everything from scratch, used everything we found to make it real.
And we made it. We ended up with a really, really big, long-paced strategy board game with most mechanics based on dice. Its scope was big, but the game also ended big. Literally. We still consider that game as one of our biggest achievements. We basicly imported Civilization V to board game, simplified it and made it playable on a physical copy without all the calculations made by a machine. And we made it in 3 weeks!

The thumbnail on the left presents our wild idea to make small art book, so I ended up doing a mockup of it ;)

Some useful links: Mechanics Docs (PL) , Photos , Box Design, Tokens, Cards and Character Field Designs


Lead Designer

Gameplay side is made entirely by me. Lore and setting are made by my friend, but the mechanics side was my part. I also made designs of: Box, Character Field, Lore Cards, Character Cards and Tokens.


I designed entire box in Photoshop, then made it!

Dirty Dwarfs Card Game

The paper&pencil game grown into a card game and thats the final result of it! And the legend continues!

Useful links: Some cards , Mechanics (PL)

Completely Tested

Lead Designer

I designed the mechanics and the card layouts.

Dirty Dwarfs

First game that I created with a team. Its a short exercise to make a game using only a piece of paper and a pencil. We decided to go "full retard" with the setting and then try to make something playable. And we think we did, as people liked our idea to the point we made a card game out of it!

Mechanics: (PL)



Took part in 2h development using basic art tools :P