Project Description Status & My Role

My 100% firstborn

This was my first 100% finished project. Made entirely by me with Blender and Unity3D, with some minor things done in Photoshop.
Project idea focuses on implementing runner game with a story.

Some useful links: Idea Pitch (PL) , First Idea Presentation (PL), Screenshots



As I said, all assets and code by me!

Europeana Game Jam "Honorable Mention"

Theme of this Jam was "The Great War". My team tried to mirror experience from "What Remains of Edith Finch" fish cutting level and... we did quite good, as we received a honorable mention. The game was too ambitious though and we were forced to use debug hotkeys during the presentation and we did not fix it to be fully playable yet. Here are some Screenshots though.



I designed cannon and rifle levels. I also took part in creating ingame story.


Full implementation of "Cannon" and "Rifle" levels.

WSF Game Jam III

It was my second jam (debut jam shown below). Theme was "Time" and we approached it in our own way. I'm personally proud of the asymmetric gameplay we achieved in our project. (Longer description is provided in the build archive, as presentation of this idea was the only thing we lacked back then).



As I said, all assets and code by me.

My Game Jam Debut (WSF Game Jam II)

It was pure "try to finish something". The theme was "Miś", a polish comedy about fall of the Soviet-backed communist regime. We made a ton of mistakes, but also learned a lot. Especially that organization is critical on jams.



Everything in the game is designed by me.


Entire code was made by me.

Assisted Graphics

Made status bars and game logo in Photoshop.

Try it!

Current unnamed stealth project

Graduation from my school requires making and shipping a game in team. Assisted by knowledge of Maciej Szcześnik and Marek Ziemak we're trying to build isometric stealth game focused on staying in shadow and distracting AI. PAYDAY and Thief are our inspirations, but we try to adapt their gameplay loops to isometric camera and art design based on feudal Japan.

In Progress

AI Programmer

Currently implementing AI with stress levels.


Some design choices assisted by me.

"Drug Lord Simulator"

It was one of the funnier games I worked on and learned a lot, despite mostly the "hard" way. Cartel is an economic simulation game about making drugs. We tried to mix Fallout Shelter and Basement. Currently I can show only screens, reasons below...

"Why is it ceased?"

This project is currently ceased, because scope was too big to handle it myself. By myself I mean that I was both lead designer and the only programmer of the project, as previous lead failed to deliver things on set milestones and I tried to compensate it myself. For now half of the game is finished, but major game-breaking bug appeared and for now it's unplayable. Unless it's not fixed, the project will not be downloadable.


Lead Designer

Almost all of the game content, except of drug and worker names and some early balancing of the game.

Lead Programmer

Entire code was made by me.